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Cocoa apartment residents find 9-foot gator outside apartment door

Lawrence Maxwell 0

The Cocoa Police Department was called Monday to help remove an alligator from in front of an apartment door.

Residents in a Cocoa apartment complex came home Monday to an alligator parking outside an apartment door.

The alligator, estimated to be around 9 feet long according to the Cocoa Police Department, kept a family trapped inside their apartment.

Police arrived at 3:30 p.m., according to a Cocoa Police Department Facebook post. Soon after, they reached out to a trapper for help.

The trapper removed the alligator, which had a piece of its tail missing according to WESH 2. The trapper also warned that this most likely wouldn’t be the last alligator spotting.

The Cocoa Police Department warned that alligators outside of their natural habitats are not to be approached or fed. Police also said to call the Florida Fish and Wildlife Service for help with removing an alligator.

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