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Tampa Woman Gifts Kidney to Mom of 2

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TAMPA, Fla. — It’s a gift from one mother to another.

Tampa woman gifts kidney to mom of 2 Monique Sexton diagnosed with renal failure Michele Wirth was a perfect match

Tampa resident Michele Wirth had never met Monique Sexton until a few weeks ago, but in a matter of days, she will be gifting her a healthy kidney.

"I didn’t know her but lately I’ve been counting my blessings," Wirth explained. "I’ve had a lot of blessings over the years and probably the greatest blessing I had was being able to raise my kids without the fear or worry that wasn’t going to be there for them one day."

In November 2017, Sexton was diagnosed with renal failure and her kidneys were showing only 40 percent functionality. She worked full time and had two young children.

Sexton’s husband had the words "Wife Needs a Kidney. Type O Blood" decaled onto the back of his black dodge pickup. Wirth saw the truck, called the number listed, and after months of testing was told she was the perfect fit.

"If I can help somebody else raise their kids and have a piece of mind, then it’s a good thing," Wirth said.

Amazing. Michele Wirth is giving her kidney to a young mom in need. A stranger before she agreed to surgery. “The greatest blessing I had was raising my kids without fear or worry I wasn’t going to be here for them,” she said. She wants to pass that blessing on ⁦@BN9⁩

— Angie Angers (@angie_angers) April 27, 2019

The kidney donation is set to take place this week. Sexton says she will be forever grateful.

"You’re part of the family now, you saved my life," she said regarding Wirth. "There’s no reason we shouldn’t keep in contact."

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